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We're all stories

Hi! Here's my project i made being inspired by this class. I made it with a quote from "Doctor Who", one of my fav shows: "We're all stories in the end just make it a good one".


First i've just repeated the main word of this quote (stories) in styles you performed in video. I'm rather new in lettering and  most of the time i feel like the base of styles in my head is absolutely empty. I know there're such webs like pinterest but there're too many information on one page for a newbie. So from time to time i just open my instagram and trying to repeat different styles i like in my sketchbook, that's how i fill my base and learn. 



I really liked the last one and just because i wasn't going to finish my project i just left it like that. But later the idea came back to me and i started to make thumbnails.



So i choosed the last one as you can see and made the full-size sketch for it. I actually made the parts of it on different papers and several times and then combined it using lightpad (i just got it and it was the first thing i made, what a fantastic thing it is! it makes work so much easier!!!). I redraw it a few times and made last one with ink.



Then i added colors with fc polychromos pencils, trying to find the right colors for my project. Also i added some squashes on the top, i suppose it looks better with it.


Then i felt like it's not enough (new year - new challenges!) and for the first time i opened illustrator on my PC and started to trace this work (i used the one without colors for the first layer and then just made a new layer there and traced all lines i could see).

After about well.. 6 hours, haha i got this )


I couldn't apply colors in illustrator because i made some mistakes (or i kust didn't make out how to do that - as i said i'm absolutely new to illustrator), so i saved it in pdf, reopened it in photoshop and added colors there. The final version of my project you can see in a top of this post )


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