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"We're all stories in the end..."

I decided to work with the quote, "We're all stories in the end.... so make it a good one!" Wise words from the Doctor, and not a bad life motto either.  I focused on the word "stories" for the warm-up. 

I made a bunch of sketchy thumbnails. I had some trouble nailing down what look I was going for.

I realized "fairy tale" was the vibe I wanted and finally hit on a layout I liked.

Here's a tighter sketch. Still needs some... tweaking, but I like it. I would like to add some kind of ornamentation or border and also some kind of decoration inside the letters. Some of the spacing is wonky too, I see. I plan to do at least one more finalized sketch before moving on to inking.

...okay, an update! Revised sketch. Still needs some minor revisions (the border, and some of the curves) but I'm hoping to get a final inked version soon. By the way, this has been really fun. :)

Final inked drawing! TIme to add some color! 

...and, just for fun, here's the final color version from Part II of this class, also taught by Mary Kate... if you haven't enrolled in it yet, go do it, it's great! :)


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