Magdalena Blaschke

Calligrapher and Lettering Artist



We're all mad here.

I'll be honest - it's the first one I did with modern script :) I user Manuscript ink (Sepia) and Hiro Leonardt No. 41. I don't really like this nib that much as it's sometimes unpredicable. Sometimes the ink flows just about right and with the next attempt - all at once. You can see that btw on the word "they" in the "they both mad" (yes, I know I made a mistake ans it should be "they're" - that's what happen when you're writing late at night ;)). I was practising copperplate during past few days and it was hard for me to go freestyle! My hand got used to the 52° ;)

It is far from perfect but I'll get there.

I'm a bit proud of myslef as this is my first Project uploaded to Skillshare! I started like 5 more classes but so far only this one made me motivated enough to complete it :) Thank you Bryn!



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