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Rebecca Maguire

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We're Floating in Space

I pick the phrase "We're floating in space" from the song Floating in Space by Luke Reynolds. This is the first real hand-lettering phrase I've done completely on my own, so it isn't anything fancy. I've just been practicing by imitating other wonderful hand-letters. So, please help with feedback! 

Step One, share your inspiration and sketches: 

Words that came to mind as I began thinking about the project and listening to the song on loop: earth, stars, holding hands, holding onto each other in the car, open road, driving fast, faith (celtic knots), hopeful, moonlight, love, sky, and dark. 

I made a mood board to at first that I think represents the kind of look I'm going for... romantic, driving down an open road, love, faith, and just being together. 


Some of my sketches are hard to see because they are so light, but here ya go!





Step Two, share your inked images and final hand-drawn phrase:


This class was super helpul! I can't wait to take the next class with Mary Kate!

Come see how my steps 3 & 4 for the July Handlettering Challenge look in Mary Kate's next class! I'd love any feedback! We're Floating in Space...


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