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"We're All Freckles In The Universe Anyway"

For this first project I wanted incorporate some of my favorite elements: black and white photography, abstract visuals and subtle details.

Took a while to get the final image, perhaps went ahead on some things but I liked the process. Feel free to comment on where I could've made my life easier.

1. mood board

I was intially overhwelmed by the endless opportunities available with just the simple tools and layers we learned in the first class, so I went back to pen and paper and doodled several ideas before going digital. This helped me focus on shapes I wanted rather than the tools available to me.

Then I browsed my favorite Tumblr blogs and artists for a variety of images that matched my ideas and would be fun to cut and manipulate.




2. Cutting the images

I opened the files on seperate documents, played with the selection tools, cut the images and selected the options to 'Make Duplicates from copies or cuts' which were then added as layers into my original document.

2. Manipulating layers

Using Commant T, V and shift I played with the several images as if making an actual collage and dragging them from back to foreground until they lined up- sort of.

*By this point I had too many unorginazed layers, it got messy and pretty soon I was getting an error that said there were no selected pixels when I pressed Command-T and I could not transform any of them. So I took the ones I liked and started from scratch on a seperate document. 

*Simple and organized is key

3.  Background

From the options menu I added a Fill Layer- Solid Color and selected the foreground color of the Hiroko image

4. Adding Shapes- Lines and Dots

Created an Ellipse and copied it many times

When creating the first line, I realized it was too thick. I could not change the thickness, so I changed the opacity in [Blending Options] to make it more subtle, then created the [New Style] for the Line so I could create all the other lines the same way. Once I drew all my lines, I right click Copied Layer Style and then pasted it to the other copy layers to get the same effect on all the lines.

and voila...


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