Winston Scully

Graphic Designer at Extended Studies SELU



Welsh Custom Drum Co.

Welsh Custom Drum Co. is a company I thought up last semester while sitting in one of my graphic design classes at the university I attend. I didn't have a chance to utilize it in class, but I sketched a few logo concepts. Other projects took precendence over developing this idea, so it hit the backburner for a little while. When some friends mentioned this class, Welsh instantly popped into my head. 

I'm a drummer, and every time I've looked into building a custom kit with a company like Shine or Truth I was always a little turned off by their logos. I wanted to make a logo that I would be proud to put on my kit. So I decided that a hang tag or even a badge that could be placed on the individual shells (like the gretsch badge below) would be a cool development for this class. I put together a few quick thumbnail sketches underneath all of the mood board material. Let me know what you think. 

I'm excited to get going on this, and I'm excited to meet some people! Can't wait to see everyone's progress and development of their projects. 


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