Senta Hetzer

wanna-be costume designer



Well I tried

So this is my first time ever sharing something on Skillshare, I'm pretty excited.

My reference photo was that wonderful shot of Myrna Loy.


I changed the angle so it was easier to draw and this was my first rough sketch:


As anyone can see, I suck at portrait. Which is why this is good training. And I also tried to work thru this course with traditional media, ink pens and markers, since I've got no drawing tablet at home and I've honestly never used one. But I hope that I'm getting a little practice with it at school.

Well this was my ink version, sadly you still see the pencil.


When colouring the drawing I first had the idea of not filling in the whole hat-thingy, so I've left some free spaces first.


But then I've been like, ummm, damn it, and filled it all in:


I'm sure it would have been easier to correct some ink lines I don't like on Photoshop or Illustrator but I'm still happy with the result. It's okay for a first try and for not being able to rewind the ink strokes I made.

Thanks for this wonderful class, I really enjoyed it and I'm sure that I'll keep on practising this. I hope that I'll find a personal twist for me when drawing minimalistic fashion portraits ;)


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