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We'll Cross that Bridge When We Get There

This is inspired by my dad, who used to use this phrase all the time to basically help me not be so anxious about the future. In other words, we will deal with this, when the time comes.

My father was a master electrician and he loved all things power and light. Also, when you hook up an electrical line, you are bridging a current. I chose the two icons I did and merged them, along with the blue, yellow and white color scheme to represent the colors of my childhood home (blue and white, and that exact shade), plus yellow, which together with the blue always represented power and light. Also, as you'll see on my workboard, dad's working uniform was blue and electricians are considered blue collar workers. Also, I left some inperfection in the connection with the bridge-like electrical element and the part that unravels into the power chord to represent the journey and how it can take many known and unknown loops as it goes to its destination.

Mood Board with Colors, my quote and a photo of myself and my dad when I was about 6 or 7. Also, the house as it was before it was torn down just months later, about a year and a half after my dad passed away inside. Before he died, he'd inverted the color scheme of the house, something I think he did to help me always know where it was when looking at it from afar. In my childhood, the house was white and the shutters and trim were blue and white. Also, the yellow is rendering a bit weird, as I just swapped it to CYMK. The actual blue is (CMYK: 100,7,0, 38); Yellow (CMYK: 12,0,63,0)


Final Project


Final on the Grid



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