Welcome to the Desert of the Real (Baudrillard quote)

This needs work for sure. I'd like to change the size of the c in "Welcome" and increase the contrast on the R in "Real."

As it is sketched, the word "real" has some misplaced heavy strokes. In my mind's eye, this word will be a single weight, somewhat rope-like. I haven't resolved "to the" yet but I anticipate this as a wire-esque framing device for the word "desert." "Welcome" is derived from cacti forms.

I'm getting more intrigued by this Soap Opera inspired lettering which suits the meaning of the phrase well. I see the letterspacing is much tighter on"Welcome" than on the other two words. I'd like to nest "to the" between "Welcome" and "Desert" better. I could also investigate frilly connections better between the lines of the phrase.


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