Welcome to Realiti


Step 1: Establish Your Voice. 

- humorous 

- emo ( I think that's good!)

- determined ( at least as of late - still a WIP)

- creative and imaginative


  • What do I have to offer? 

This is something I am most proud of doing this year. I have started my blog after months and months of hesitation, and I have started writing up on a lot of topics. Some of them are emo because I am dark and cloudy sometimes, but some of them are pure comedy and I like the mix between the two, keeps ya guessing ;)

  • Merge 'em! 

I think I need to keep writing on a lot of topics that people don't usually pay attention to, like their own mental health and what it means, but write it in a creative way, not just blatantly say what's on your mind. I think that I ask the question to my reader and that they can do some soulsearching and also still not be quite sure what I was aiming at!

Every once and a while, I will post something that is funny or take a normal situation and add a comedic twist or combine the comedy with the darkness that I sometimes feel like (example - a post I did is "Music to be buried to" - that might look like WTF to you, but I focused on the funny side of things, and I hope you can also see the funny side in the dark times :)

Step 2: Create a content game plan. 

  • Who is your target audience? - Teenagers and New Adults, or anyone who feels like they belong to the group! Lovers of Sci-Fi and YA adult fiction!
  • What service are you offering? - Creative entertaining and/or posts that cover some deeper meanings, poems, and short stories,
  • Where are you going to post your content? - on my amateur blog Welcome to Realiti ( hoping to work on that soon!), twitter, facebook, Instagram and Pinterest :3
  • When are you going to post your content? - I post my blog posts regularly on Mondays ( I call them "chapters" because each week is a chapter of my life so to say), every Friday I like to post a "shortie" - short story or poems ( I have been into poetry lately), on the first of the month I like to post my monthly goals, to keep me motivated and everyone who might like to pitch in and work on their goals as well and at the end of the month I like to see how well I did :3

       I also post book reviews twice a month, other than that, I have some unscheduled random posts sometimes as well :3

  • How are you going to spread the word?

By working hard, making connections, setting up a writer chat on social media, nagging my internet friends to share some of my content xD, also I would like to start being a part of a writer forum or Reddit, that is my goal for the future


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