Welcome to Parkview, Jo'berg

The photos were taken while strolling on the streets of my local area. All the photographs were taken on a Panasonic Lumix, point + shoot and I have only done basic crop, colour changes etc.

Cropped slightly on LHS. Darkened highlights. Fore/Mid/Background. I think the drain is distracting but wasn't sure how to crop it.

Not cropped. Lightened Shadows and darkened highlights. RoT (ish)

2nd Version, more heavily cropped. Perhaps the extra doors/garage is distracting...

Not cropped. Fore/mid/back. Car fits RoT?

Cropped LHS + top. Darkened highlights & lightened shadows. Perhaps this photo can be cropped more at the bottom.

2nd Version is more cropped- does it draw attention to security hut more effectively?

3rd version. Cropped tightly around tree and hut. Tried to lighten the shadows and darken the highlights a little- without letting it look to edited. 

Not cropped. Tree as subject, fits RoT?

All comments and questions are very welcome!


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