Welcome to My Lab!

Welcome to My Lab! - student project

Welcome to My Lab! - image 1 - student projectWelcome to My Lab! - image 2 - student projectI painted this on 140lb Arches 100% cotton paper.
Though I didn't have the exact colors you used (American Journey does not carry Brown Derby anymore, and I was unable to locate pigment formula/# to replicate it.
They say if you keep your values true, it doesn't matter what color you used, but I believe I used too violet a shadow color.  Easy to fix!
I used Daniel Smith Potter's Pink & Lunar Black for the nose.

I'm not saying this was an easy painting for me.  I am picking up new skills, though, and am happy with the end result.  Not ready for "prime time", and wouldn't ever take on an actual pet portrait, but I'm having fun learning!


Becky VanMeter

Enjoying Art with my Grandsons!