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Heather Alyse

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Welcome Back

Beginning RAW:


A few years ago I visited Henryton State Hospital in Maryland before it was demolished and I took a number of photos there. I always wanted to go back to some of the photos I took to look at them in a different light and edit them to fit the feel of the location when I was there. I was drawn to this one because of the colors and the texture of the broken glass.

In Progress:


The first thing I did was play around with the contrast and exposure. I was aiming to make the inside dark enough so that most of the details were lost. I wanted to give it an almost creepy feeling as if you didn't know what was waiting for you inside this abandoned hospital. I also wanted to bring out the decay of the paint and the window frame.

Final Project:


I brought in a little more green and added some grain before adding a slight vignette at the end to keep your eyes drawn to the lines of the window and the darkness inside. As for the title of the project, I saw a piece of graffiti close to when we arrived that just said "Welcome Back" and that stuck with me the whole time I was walking around the grounds that day.


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