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Welcome Autumn

In this project I decided to focus on pot plants & leaves! yay.

Process & Inspiration

I recently moved to a big apartment with a large balcony with lots of sun, and started to build our own little urban garden. it's just awesome to see what a touch of green can do to your apartment!

First, I took photos at my own garden, and I focused on the plants and the combination between them.

After, I took photos around the city - I wanted to explore urban gardens and see how it fits the crowded city and gives a peaceful feeling.


I made sketches of planters and what's inside them.

I especially like the vine leaves and wanted to develop a delicate pattern based on them.


At first, the color palette was mostly with light blue colors.

I mixed up between image trace and the bulb brush to create the motifs. 


It was clear to me that I must make a simple pot plants repeat:


Then, I decided to change the color scheme, because I was not happy with the delicate blue palette.

I started to think more about the story behind my collection. It is the end of October, fall is slightly coming (in my country), the green is turning into brown/yellow color and leaves begin to fall from the trees, Halloween is nearly here -  so I changed the color palette accordingly.

Hero print:


Secondary prints:





And the full collection:


Another colorway:


Thank you Elizabeth for this great course - It helps to understand and practice smooth development process. I'm going to watch and practice again.

It would be great to hear some feedbacks!

Thank you. 


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