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Weird Sisters!

Hi! This is my 3-rd and the last step on 30-Day Logo Design Challenge! Woo-hoo! I feel like I really can make some logos now, I've got so much new knowledges and skills!

This class was very interesting and funny for me. So fast, so easy, so impressive!

I had some little trouble with my family, I think they are not very funny persons. My husband told me that if I want to make a real Family Crest I must spend few month for thinking. He is very serious guy. I told him that I even really don't know what Family Crest is and it's just for fun, that we can make T-shirts and wear it. But he told that he don't want to wear such T-shirt. Nobody wants to have fun except me. Some people are very serious :)

Despite it were only for myself, I've done our Crest for me and my husband. I used some nice symbols: water, because there is sea bay in our city. Mitten, that means that we have cold winter here in Russia :) and also mitten symbolize warm hand, we are kind :) light bulb symbolize ideas and bright mind, and heart symbolize love, haha, it's obvious.

I made some color variations in serious and calm style to give my husband more positive mood about it.



I have fun with this project and really love my result. And then I realized that in fact I'm not alone with my crazy funny ideas! I have my brilliant sister! She always glad to have fun with me!

So I made another Crest, and I'm gonna print T-shirts for both of us! She will wear it for sure!

I used alien head because we are both great fans of space and also we played Sims in our childhood, and there were mister Pollination #9! So funny name, we remember him very good. Also I added some girly stuff such as dress and a cake, we are sweet tooth. And a glass of vine! Oh, yeah... It happens some times) And also I have no idea what all those leaves on Crests means... Why don't we just draw aloe there instead?! Aloe is really funny plant. So here's what I come up with:


Then I applied some colors. I think colors should be also little weird. This neon green should be there for sure, no doubt! It's so alien.


Most of all I like this version:


It's all for now. I would be glad to hear your opinion and maybe some critic if you have some :)

UPDATE 28.06.2015

Hey! I'm sure that such things shouldn't just lie in a folder on a computer. I went and ordered cups for my sister and me. I wasn't so sure about T-shirts, I have some doubts about right size, style and color (maybe later we make it after discussion with her). But cups I think is a good idea anyway!
Here our THE COOLEST EVER sisters cups!



My sister lives in another city and I'll give her cup to her next weekend. Sure she'll be happy :))


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