Weird Girlfriend: (Please check out the link in the project info)

This is an special project i was invited to. This is a bunch of gifs fused into one single video, because that was the colab about, making 6 different gifs for a short story. Its in Spanish but i will translate:

This is the link when you can see the whole thing: http://giphy.com/gifs/l0O9ySiGaeFT8QwWQ 

1. Weird Girlfriend

2. "Hey dude, your girlfriends is a little weird"

3. "Is this about her new haircut?"

4 "she doesn't have any skin."

5. Skinless girlfriend

6. The end.

This is my friends project link https://www.facebook.com/cabezasdegallo/?pnref=story

And this is my illustration page: https://www.facebook.com/soychopsuey/ 

Hope you like it. I used my sketches, some brushes in photoshop and splash of watercolor I did :) 


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