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Yelena Sophia

All that and a side of pickles.



Weird Animals

It's not a dog, or a cat, you can't pick one up at the pound, it doesn't like to be pet; they are weird animals - creatures that have elected to often times give up their good looks to grow something that helps them adapt to the world a litte better. One, if any at all, in any given crowd. 

10/10/13 First attempt to make anything with illustrator EVER. Here comes the king.

10/11/13 Just wanted to get a feeling for shapes of these guys before bringing them to the computer. Meet: Axolot salamander, Dumbo Octopus, and the manned wolf! 

10/11/13 Fun times using the pen tool. It's always been something that has intimidated me and caused me a great deal of confusion. Here is the results for today. Happy with the way Dumbo Octopus is turning out. 


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