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Weight of Light lettering

As I'm also trying to learn lettering at the same time, I decided to start with handwritten phrase first:


Then I followed Simon's advice to start with a single stroke and traced the approximate letter shapes. Then I switched the background off, and adjusted everything to not to look that shitty.. :)


After that I used the width tool to add weight where it needed. Using a brush pen for some time now really helped me with this phase. This is where I'm currently at after an hour of fiddling:


Now I need to deal with the line endings, so I believe it is time for me to expand the shape and refine the outer edges.


After another round of refinements:


I don't think I can make it much better with my current knowledge :), so I'm gonna move to the textureing part to experiment with that as well.

Here's the vector-textured version:


My design lacks any supplementary texts (for now), so I saved the time to fiddle with any tiny letters. :)


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