Weight Lifting Tracker

Weight Lifting Tracker - student project

Tired of filling out a notebook or using a generic notes app to track your progress in the weight room? Weight lifting tracker allows you to keep detailed records of the exercices you perform on each trip to the gym, including the amount of weight lifted and the repetitions. You can also look at progress report to help judge your improvements.

The requirements of the app are as followed:

  • Keep a date-sorted database of each trip to the gym.
  • Allow the user to input each exercise performed, the amount of reps, and the weight.
  • Include a detailed list of different exercise types, but also allow the user to create custom ones.
  • Display a graphical representation of the users progress.
  • If possible: allow the app to create events on the existing iPhone calendar, so you can see what days you went to the gym from the Calendar app.

Weight Lifting Tracker - image 1 - student project