Weekly Tasks

Weekly Tasks - student project

I have a simple problem that I want to solve with an app.

I'm a bodybuilder and I exercise regularly. I need to make sure that I workout out all bodyparts at least once a week.

When my schedule is hectic (almost always) it's hard to keep track of what I did a few days earlier.. and I also think it will be fun to keep a record of how many times I trained certain bodyparts over the last month etc. (and to see if I skipped any)

I see this app could potentially be just a "weekly tasklist". So that's what I want to do.

I have certain "tasks" that need to be completed every week. Which are for example "Legs, Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Cardio" etc..

I'm a fan of the Lean Startup Methodology, so I'm starting small! and then I'll see how things progress.

Here is the User Flow:


1. Ask: When does your week start (Monday or Sunday)

2. Specify Weekly tasks (Just a name)

On open

1. See a list of remaining tasks for that week. (potentially the finished tasks at the bottom, marked for next week)

2. Click a task to complete it and it moves to next week.

3. The app needs to keep a record of the date and time the task was completed.

That's it to begin with, I have more ideas, but I prefer to set myself up to win with little goals!

- ideas for later-

Tasks can be done 1-7 times per week

Statistics - how have I been doing?