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Weekender, mad dog or grandpa thief?

My three ideas so far are:

The weekend break

I took my girlfriend to Paris for her birthday, it was mean to be the perfect break. Our trip consisted of a bus to town, a train to London then the channel tunnel. Everything went well on the actual trip but on the bus there I got off and couldn't find my wallet. realising the tickets and the whole trip rested on that sacred item, I sprinted off across town after the bus. Each stop I became a little closer to catching it, but only to fail once more. I when I thought the trip was done for and I couldn't run no more, I finally caught it through a short cut on the last stop before it goes far away from town. I tried the explain to the driver through my lack of breath, frantically searching the seats. Then all was revealed as I discovered the wallet had been in my back pocket the whole time! 

I think there's a few possible options with this story and the chase will be fun to board. Any thoughts? Is it too obvious?

Neighbourhood terror

Corny title I know but simply put my old dog was a Yorkshire terrier. He used to bark at anything when there was a pane of glass between him and the 'aggressor'. Milkmen, cats, passing cars, trees, flowers flowing in the wind, bees, etc. But then when anyone, even a stranger came inside, he'd be soft as grease with them, especially if they had food! I thought I could create a story where he barks all day then a burglar breaks in and he lets him off.

this might be a bit too predictable...

OAP hero

I was at lunch recently and there was a sweet old couple next to us. We realised whilst chatting that at some point they'd left, only to notice their bag and hat was still there. I dashed out after them, cap and handbag under my arm, only to then see that they had just gone to get another drink! They then saw me with their stuff and assumed I was nicking it, along with the rest of the pub! Safety resolved due to my fellow dining companion, but embarrassing.

I'd welcome feedback on any of these as I'm currently swaying to the first story as its more suitable to board and more possible areas to build conflict. Thanks all!


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