Weekend | Skillshare Projects


It was a Friday night. What else would I write? 

I admit I dont have a chalkboard, nor can I paint a wall in my apartment. I bought a chalk contact paper from Michaels. It does NOT work as well as a real chalkboard. Less textured = less grip to the chalk = even less control and definition.

Even so, I was in it for the practice so here it is.


I did a few pages of sketches before deciding on a layout. Followed Lauren's directions pretty much verbatim. I added a little shadow effect using a smudger. I rubbed one end into the damp towel to get it just slightly wet. Used that end to draw a crisp line and the other end to smudge from the wet line out. It worked terrifically! Also was great for cleaning up small mistakes and crispening up a few edges.

Because the wall-cling chalkboard was sub-par in quality, I used a chalk marker for "Freakin." I attempted it with chalk and it was just messy. I found some thinner chalk pencils used for sewing that I think I'll invest in so I can continue doing smaller pieces.

Thanks to Lauren for a great class! You can find more of my work on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/erkuchera/.


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