Weekend vibes

Weekend vibes - student project

Weekend vibes - image 1 - student project

Weekend vibes - image 2 - student project

Weekend vibes - image 3 - student project

This is our home away from home. (Yes, it is actually yellow!) We absolutely adore it and have been desperately missing it, as we haven't been able to go there since the start of the pandemic last year with so many lockdowns happening here in India. 

It is rustic inside with an open floor plan and outside we have lots of frangipani and mango trees. I did not have to even think once about what I would be drawing for the class project! 

Thank you for this class, I am new to Procreate and painting so there is a long way to go. I made so many mistakes while working with layers. I would just keep loosing track of which layer comes above which layer. I think with practice and more of your classes this will get easier. Also, thank you for the 'insert private photo' tip!! 

It has been a difficult time and when I did this project I could just switch off from the news, social media and everything around me for some time. Happy to have done this and learnt so much!