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Weekend sketches

New Update: I've been sketching a little less, but spending more time on each one. And I've also begun to dive deeper into watercolor. 


Update: This weeks sketches so far




I've decided to try and do one sketch every day. 


Elisa, I started your class this weekend, and went through all the videos. I love your approach, especially using the "modified blind contour" to find the edges of your subjects. Your description really helped me. 

Here are the sketches I made this weekend. 


#1 Just Testing. I was trying out some of the recommendations for mixing color on paper. My paper is a little more absorbent than yours I think, and so it does less mixin on the page. But it does glaze well, and quickly! I like the way the very fine line pen let me make such tiny details on the ruler. 


#2 Our Tree: We have a large cedar tree in our back yard. I used the modified blind contour to get the outline, and then practiced getting depth and contrast into the color. I also tried the trick of lightening the color of the sky as I ent down. I love how that works. 


#3 From Life: I sketched my daughter using my paint palette, to take a break from my many-colored but tiny-squared color chart. Hands are a bear. 


#5 Snack time!: I sketched while I sat with my 5-year old daughter at snack time. This was about capturing the sense of the table, rather than what it actually looked like from my perspective. 


#5 My favorite Design. My mom is Dutch and before they changed to the Euro, the Dutch had the most beautiful money. My grandparents used to send me money for my birthday, wrapped in a smooth piece of aluminum foil that crinkled as I opened it. I keep the money on my studio wall so I can look at it. 


A few minutes after I started my own pieces, my daughter got interested adn wanted to sketch and paint with me too. I set her up with a pen, some paper and watercolors, and here are a few of the sketches she made. 


#1 San Francisco: where I live


#2: My Mom (it's apretty good likeness actually) 


#3: Inspired by the class: Lilly liked your cactuses so much, she drew them too :) 


#4 A vase full of flowers.

Her sketchbook from today is full already! But it's still so wet I can't get a decent photograph.

Cheers, Charlotte (and Lilly)  


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