Weekend in the country

Weekend in the country - student project

My Weekend In The Country

Concept: Next weekend we are off to the country - Stanford to be precise. It's an quant little village just outside Cape Town and one of our favourite hide aways. The town is old and the homes are adorable, with pristine gardens bulging with flowers and bees and birds. As the weekend plans to be jam packed with bicycle riding, paddeling down the river, drinking lots of good wine and indulging in lots of fabulous food, I figured it would be fun to map our little trip and highlight all the fantastic spots we discover.

Who is my target audience?
Probably family and friends as well as my blog readers.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital?
Initially I will create a digital version that hopefully one can download and then print out (to use if ever you visit Stanford).

What level of detail do I need to include?
Not sure at this point as I don't want to over clutter the map. I am imagining my map being very visual and self explanatory i.e. keeping copy and extreme detailing down to a minimum.