Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris - student project

We went to Paris for a weekend trip.

I've been several times before but this time I wanted to make it a more photography orientated trip.

I brought my tripod and did some research on locations.

I also of course had my shot list in mind.



  • iPhone 7
  • Olympus OM-D EM-1 with 12-40mm F2.8 lens
  • Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fibre Tripod

Editing etc.

Lightroom for the Olympus photos.

iOS editing tools for the iPhone photo (inside the Louvre).


1. Off the beaten path

We found a quiet little alleyway in the Spanish Quarter with a lovely old book shop.

Whilst waiting for people to move out of the way of my shot I realised that this chap browsing the books might make for a better photo.


2. Birdseye

We went to the Pantheon and paid the two Euros extra to get access to the roof.

From the top there are great views over Paris and of course you can see the Eiffel Tower.

I stood waiting for a few minutes to see if the wind might pick up and make the tricolour move a little.

Fortunately, just as they were calling us to go back down the wind picked up and I managed to get the shot that I wanted.



3. Middle of the road

This was taken inside of the Louvre before it got too busy (it was actually busy but most people were in one of the side rooms trying to take selfies in front of the Mona Lisa).

This was taken on an iPhone.


4. Signs of life

This lady was stood on the other side of the road as we were about to cross so I hung back to wait for her to cross first.

I love her elegance and style and of course the lovely old bakery in the background.


5. Postcard

I had this shot planned before we even arrived in Paris.

I just had to find the right location (Pont de la Concorde) then wait for the light.

We had to wait around 90 minutes but it was worth the wait as we had a lovely sunset.

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