Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior - student project

Hello All!

I am Wan, a graphic designer from Singapore. I run my own graphic design house with my wife and we call ourselves 'PlayPause'. Ever since when I was young, I've always wanted to run my own T-shirt line. I love the T-shirt medium. It's so accessible yet so powerful and I've always thought it'll be incredible to see strangers wearing my designs. I hope by taking this class, it'll give me a kick up on the ass to finally achieve my lifelong dream.

I've just enrolled in the class though so I'll try my best to catch up. Hope you guys will bear with me as I try to get up to speed.

1) What's Your Brand?

For this class, I would like to start my own T-shirt line instead of designing for an existing brand. Johnny Cupcakes is one of my inspirations when it comes on how to run a T-shirt line. I admire the concept behind the brand and the brand's attention to detail when it comes to stuff like their tags, packagings, stores etc. This is something I hope to emulate in my own brand someday.

For my brand, I would marry two of my loves: football (or soccer to some of you) and design. I'll hereby refer it to soccer from now on seeing as the teacher is American. I'm an avid recreational soccer player and I have noticed that there is a void in the T-shirt industry for the casual soccer players; clothing that we can wear before and after we are done playing a match. For now, it's all clubs jerseys or T-shirts emblazoned with a club's logo or a famous player but nothing in the mould of a discreet casual wear. My brand will aim to fill in that void.

For inspirations, I look at Love Follow Conquer's line of T-shirt designs. It's pretty similar to what I'm trying to achieve but while Love Follow Conquer caters to the Liverpool FC (a world-famous soccer club in England for those who don't know) fans, my brand aims to cater to the casual weekend soccer players. Something neutral and is not affliated to any clubs or teams in the world.

I've decided to call my brand 'Weekend Warrior', a term often refered to the recreational soccer players who only plays during the weekends. I like the name as it's quite tongue-in-cheek, suggesting that once the weekend comes, we turn into warriors on the pitch!

Weekend Warrior - image 1 - student project

My logo development sketches

I played around with the initials 'WW' for the logo, trying to create a monogram. I settled on the one I circled at the bottom of my sketch. It's made up of two stylised W's which looks like  silhouettes or the outlines of a two fans at a soccer match, with outstretched arms cheering on their team which fits in the whole philosophy of the brand.

Weekend Warrior - image 2 - student project

Logo development in digital

I brought my sketch over to my Mac and digitalized it. I'm not entirely happy with it yet as I find the W's a little too bold and heavy for my liking. The font chosen for the type 'Weekend Warrior' is also subject to change. Any suggestions for the type?

Design References

Below are some of the design references that I hope to bring into my T-shirt designs for the brand.

Weekend Warrior - image 3 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 4 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 5 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 6 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 7 - student project

The above are examples that I hope to develop alongside my logo as crest or elements for my designs.

Weekend Warrior - image 8 - student project

Also maybe some typography designs consisting of inspirational quotes about soccer or to inspire amateur soccer players. (eg: Score Or Lose, You Choose)

Weekend Warrior - image 9 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 10 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 11 - student project

Weekend Warrior - image 12 - student project

The above are the looks that I hope to achieve for my brand. Bold, bright designs that's brings the brand more akin to streetwear instead of sportwear

2) Sketches

I'm working on 2 design ideas for this project.


Weekend Warrior - image 13 - student project

This is my sketch idea fo the 1st design. My idea is to make the t-shirt look like a soccer jersey. Hence why I have converted the brand logo into some sort of a team crest to be placed on the chest portion of the tee. Also I've developed a 'sponsor' logo that's common on the front of most soccer jerseys.

On the back will be a nice big number '13' seeing that 2013 is the year Weekend Warrior started and 13 being my lucky number. And the initial 'WRRR' to go above the number similar to the player's name that's on soccer jerseys.

One factor that came to mind when I was developing this idea that I can make use of the colours that's already used by the teams out there to add variety ot it. For example, I can use the design as a green print on a yellow T-shirt base to mimic the iconic Brazil jersey.


Weekend Warrior - image 14 - student project

This is my sketch for the 2nd design. It's based on the motorcycle gangs logos that is so popular now, given a soccer twist. The words "Score or Lose, You Choose" will form the backbone of the design with the WW logo as the centrepiece. A soccer ball at the top and hanging soccer boots/cleats to complete the design.

I've also designed a graphic for the back print. Not sure if I will use it in the final design.

3) Digital Development

I took my sketches to the computer and these are the results

Design #1

Weekend Warrior - image 15 - student project

This was the retro soccer jersey idea which is frankly pretty easy to convert from sketch to print. The white & black teess would be pretty standard fare while I can also make use of colour inks and different t-shirt base colours to pay tribute to iconic soccer jerseys like what I have did here which is a reference to the legendary Brazil jersey.

As you can see, I changed a couple of things from my sketches. I took away the 'sponsor' logo at the front and the 'WRRR' initials at the back. I didn't want to overcomplicate the design and by taking away those 2 elements, it's more in line with the retro jersey look.

Anyway this is pretty basic stuff and will form the 'Basics' line of the brand, similar to the pocket T-shirts from Johnny Cupcakes.

Irwan Cornelius
Creative Director at PlayPause