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Giselle Doe




Weekend Essentials

First off I really enjoyed Tom's class, I liked the way he explained everything and guided us throught the whole process from thinking, sketching and finally getting something solid.

I had a lot of ideas on what to make and ended going for something that doesn't even relate with any type of tools but more of objects that capture the essence of a "weekend" (turned out kind of tumblr-ish I must say). I'm pretty much a noob in regards of digital art being this project the first one I ever complete, so feedback would be appreciated.

I only made 3 sketches and went with this one as I felt it was good enough to start something.


Here are a few examples on the textures:



And finally, this is what I came up with:


I did another postcard afterwards beacause I'm just in love with this new technique I learned, and again, It's not like "tools" but more like just stuff that you could use at gardening beacause I even made a little girl (not a tool duh) so this is my final product:


I tried to capture the essence of a "garden" with all the splashed water and dirt everywhere.

Any feedback would be great.


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