Week of February 12 to 19, 2019

Week of February 12 to 19, 2019 - student project

How funny that I'm doing the same week a year or two later as Mimi does in class! Total coincidence!! 

I'm using Procreate on the iPad with an Apple Pencil, HB pencil brush for sketching and imported Homwork Inkwash brush for adding color. 

For my memories, I've added Winston the English Bulldog's 5th birthday party at his pub in NYC, the Dog and Bone. That day hubby and I also saw Oliver Jeffers' stunning and wonderful "For all we know" solo show at the Bryce Wolkowitz gallery - his books are available online. Thoroughly recommend. And then there was a nice Valentine's dinner, and also birthday drinks with friends in Brooklyn. 

I could have added that I got a haircut, that I activated my library card, and some more items like rockets and candles from Oliver's work, but didn't really know how to add them without it feeling too cluttered. As is, I think the layout balances the buildings, planets, illustrations, and text. I'd only wish I could put the heart more in the center. 

Here it is just with pencil sketch outlines:

Week of February 12 to 19, 2019 - image 1 - student project

The mantra for the week comes from one of the Headspace meditations I did that week, and it basically speaks to kindness, like love, being unconditional. You don't have to be a certain way or achieve a certain thing to be kind to yourself, you can just be kind to yourself whenever wherever.

Here's the same with a texture/background:

Week of February 12 to 19, 2019 - image 2 - student project

Nice exercise! Looking forward to the next part of the Skillshare Workshop. 


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