Week Two

Week Two - student project

Week Two - image 1 - student project

"Sand from cup"

This week's assignment was a bit difficult.  I tried to look for diagonals, lines, etc. but not sure if I'm actually capturing them well on photos.  This week my pictures are from spending time at the park with my son.  In the above image, I was trying to capture some of the lines from the pillars and pyramid leading up to the top of the slide.  Kind of hard to place your subject in an ideal place when your subject is a 2 year old.

Week Two - image 2 - student project

"Digging a hole"

With this one, I experimented with taking shots head on from the top.  I imagine there is a diagonal from top right corner to bottom left corner with subjects' edges meeting the sand and with the yellow bucket.  Not sure if I'm doing it right.

Week Two - image 3 - student project

"Sharing sand"

We were just transferring sand from hand to hand across daddy, toddler, to mommy. 

Week Two - image 4 - student project

"Where's the water?"

Week Two - image 5 - student project

"Swings in back"

Tried to get some lines with the border of cement around my son.

Week Two - image 6 - student projectI walked into this classroom during a college trip with my students.  Found a cute flower and vase and liked the dew forming on the window. I also tried a different angle.  Am I placing the object on the vertix?

Week Two - image 7 - student project

Week Two - image 8 - student project

This was the dance studio at Bard College.  Tried to capture the foreground, mid ground and background.  One of the most interesting buildings I've seen.Week Two - image 9 - student project

My son's birthday cake.  I struggle even to take pictures of single objects.  How could this have been better?