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Week 4: The Climb

Week 4:


I fixed an issue with the lights and I added a 'Gore" button on the main menu that will turn off the blood for anyone who doesnt like blood in their games.

This was a bad week for me.  But in the end I found the energy to step it up a notch and add some real polish to this project.

The Climb

Week 3

So week 3 went very well for me.  I got thought all the class videos and got a version of Breakout working, but I must have done something wrong because I get some very strange curving effects on the Ball.

I was playing around with adding a score, but I didnt have a good understanding of how the GUI works. One thing I did get to work is when you break the blue blocks the Ball will slowly start speeding up.  Its hard to notice the diference, but as you reach a point where most of the blue blocks are gone, you will feel it.

You can play my version of Breakout

For Week Two I had a tough time with some nasty computer crashes that really impacted my ability to do much until Thursday Night.  Thankfuly I got a half day off of work so I made up for lost time.

I got some stuff working real good, and some stuff not so good.  The Lights dont blend nicely, so there is a harsh pop when you click on the clock.  Also the Skybox should blend between the diferent states, but they dont and I am not sure why.

Anyway, I would love to hear any feedback.  I know you guys are wanting to walk around these scenes, but with the limited time I just didnt have time to decorate a whole area (Just outside of the view is all blank space and looks bad).

Here is my interactive sceen: The March

I got distracted after finding the Physics tools, its not that impressive, but I learned a lot by starting over several times.  =)

You can find a working version of the Project here: Gravity Test

I had more time this weekend to play around and get something a bit more visualy impressive working.  I build this sceene from all free models found on the Asset Store and gave it a simeple particle system to make it look like fire embers were blowing in.

Unfortunately I can seem to get the lightning to show up correctly.  There is supose to be an orange glow on the left hand side of the sceen.  You can see what it should look like in the image....the actual project doesnt look as nice, but at least you can see the embers drifing and the grass blowing in the wind.

You can find a working version of the Project here: Fire Grave


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