Week 4 - Frog Hop

Quick Links To My Webplayer Builds

Week 4 - Frog Hop (My take on doodle jump.)

Week 3 - Breakout (My take on break out)

Week 2 - Delta Island + Egg Crack (Two games here, one is a child game called egg crack, and the other is my island that you can walk around and explore.)

Week 1 - Delta Island (The week 1 version of my island scene.)


Week 4 - Continued

Well it has been a very fun (and tiring) four weeks. For the last week I've managed to pull together a crude version of "Doodle Jump". I had high hopes of pulling together all of my projects over the past four weeks into a single game, but the time simply wasn't there.

If I had time here are some of the things I would improve on my "Frog Hop" game:

  • Update the FSMs to use a trigger to destroy the old platforms, rather than use the "is invisible" technique.
  • Get better looking graphics. The cloud is pretty lame.
  • Make additional clouds and have their appearance randomized.
  • Add different platforms, with different insects to eat.
  • Add in some sort of power ups and enemies.
  • Clean-up all of the objects used. Because I didn't know how to replace portions of a prefab, all of my graphics are simply another child object in the prefab. I then just turned off the mesh renderer on the parent object.

Screen Resolution WorkFlow Tips

Getting things to look consistant between your Unity game window and the final web player version can be a bit tricky. A few minutes of upfront planning will save you a bunch of grief later on when you try to build your game. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Decide on what dimensions you want your game to be. (If you don't know, no worries, just move on to step 2)
  2. Make a Unity Layout where most of the screen is covered by "game" panel, and only a small portion is covered by the "inspector" panel.
  3. In the "game" panel choose the "Web" option in the dropdown.
  4. Bring up the "Player Settings" in the "Inspector Panel"
  5. Change the "Default Screen Width/Height" to the values you chose in Step #1. If you didn't choose values, just enter some in. As you enter the values in the game scene will change, keep changing the values until the game scene has the dimensions you want.
  6. What your satisfied with how things look, change Unity back to your regular panel layout.
  7. If you have 2 (or more) monitors pull your "game" panel out into its own window. Now resize the window to be the dimensions you set in step #5. The easy way to do this is expand the window until there is a "gray" border around your game scene. Then, adjust the window borders back down until you can no longer see the "gray" border around your game scene.
  8. There you have your webplayer game will look the same as your game view inside unity.

Here are some companion screenshots:


Week 4 - Notes

  • As much of my week is being spent in a course for work learning about thermodynamics, fugacity and advanced fluid characterization....the evenings that would have been allocated for learning about Unity are instead being spent catching up on work for the job that currently pays the mortgage.
  • What a the big things that I've been enjoying this week is the amount of discussion and sharing that has been going on. I think its great to be able to share and learn from others. I find it very beneficial to learn how others have gone about solving the same problem. 
  • I am also enjoying the fact that my proficieny is improving with Unity and Playmaker. This week I often pause the video, create my version of the FSM and then press play to see if I did it the way Brandon was going to teach us. (I am not right all the time....but I am getting better.)


Week 3 - Post Office Hours Update

  • Thanks everybody for their many suggestions on how to solve the ball arc problem. It looks like restricting the rigid body variables has done the trick. But please test it out and let me know if it happens again. Hopefully, you should be able to play through all 3 levels.
  • When I get time later this week, I'll add in "lives" and I'll move the floor FSM logic into the ball FSM, this way the level will just reset the ball position and not rest the entire level. (I was unable on my own to get the "Send FSM Event" action to work...gonna have to wait until Brandon posts a video on this.)


Week 3 - Last Minute Update

  • I managed to get my "bar counter" to work properly so the level will end once there are no more bars left. 
  • I've added two more levels. There is a good change in level two that you'll see the ball movement error.....if you don't you'll for sure see it in level 3.
  • You now lose points if you "die", but then you get start the level over with your left over points....so in theory you can get the highest score by dying a bunch


Week 3 - Notes

This has been both a fun and frustrating week.

Fun as:

  • The tutorials were quite interesting and it was nice to see the basics of game come together so quickly.

Frustrating as:

  • I probably spent more time shoveling snow this week, then was spent working on my weekly project.......soooooo much snow. :-(
  • My Prefabs aren't working properly and I've got some weird bugs in my game. (If I am only changing one direction at a time and only after I hit something.....how is it possible for my ball to sometime travel in a complete circle??)

Here are some quick notes on what I did this week:

  • My focus this week was all about the mechanics of the game. Once the mechanics are down it should be rather easy to import new art work, switch to a 3D view, and add additional effects in.
  • I've modified my paddle so depending on where the ball hits it will influence what angle the ball leaves the paddle at. This took a whole bunch of reading, thinking, trying, troubleshooting to get where I am currently at. All in all it was time well spent and I am slowly getting a better grasp of playmaker and Unity. My paddle solution involves using "Get Collision Info", "Get Position" and a bit of math to give the different ball responses.
  • I modified the bars so the ball will give a more realistic bounce if it hits a side rather than a top or bottom. This solution involved getting the "Collision Normal" to check which side the bar was hit.
  • Below is a screenshot of my Ball FSM

There are a bunch things I would still like to add. (Several of these I've tried but failed at this time to correctly implement.)

  • End the level when the # of bars equals zero.
  • Add additional levels with different bars. (I've got a bar built that requires two hits to destroy.)
  • When the player dies, have the level simply resume, rather than restart.
  • Add some bonus awards.
  • Finally, correct all the bugs that are currently in the game.

I hope you enjoy my game this week, and please leave feedback about your experience playing it.


Week 2 - Notes

Version 4 - Updates


  • This has been a fun week of working through the course and adding some basic functionality to my project. 
  • My game now has three "levels". Level 1 is my project after week 1, Level 2 is a simple game made entirely in Playmaker and Level 3 is simple an updated version of Level 1 which now lets you interact more with your environment. Below is a picture of the main menu.
  • I used NGUI to create the menu screen and used playmaker to load the levels.
  • The prizes in "Egg Crack" are generated by randomly selecting the material of the final screen. I find that the "Random Material" action in Playmaker isn't as random as I would like, if you play the game it seems like the same prizes keep coming up. I am not sure if there is a way to tweak the radomness in Playmaker or if there is another way to randomly generate the prizes.
  • The biggest challenge I am having with playmaker is trying to figure out the most efficient way to create my FSMs. 
  • Please review my latest version of my project and give me some feedback!

Version 3 - Updates

  • Progress has been greatly slowed this week due to Unity crashing hard....anytime I tried to load I would just get an error report....tried reinstalling....didn't work....ultimate solution when opening unity I needed to hold down the "alt-key" to prevent it from trying to reload the previous project.
  • Using what I've learned from the first half of the week 2 videos, I've recreated a simple children's game using Playmaker. My game is called "Egg Crack" which is knock-off of the popular iPhone game "Hatch". Simply crack the egg open to get a prize. Some artwork has been taken from the internet and others are original pieces by myself. (I will freely admit I have ZERO ability in drawing.....you'll understand when you see my images in the game.)
  • This new game has been added to my  Delta Island project as a separate level. To help you switch between levels I've added a simple menu.
  • Once I finish this weeks tutorials I'll add more functionality to my island to fulfill this week's assignment.
  • I am planning to add my weekly progress as a unique "level" in my project. This way people can see how my game as evolved from week to week.

Here is the link to my current week 2 assignment:


General Updates

  • Been working my way through the week 2 lectures.
  • Have created myself a Dropbox account to allow people to play my game without having to download it.

Here is a new link to my week 1 assignment:



Week 1 - Notes

Version 2 - Updates

Done some additional playing around with the island.

  • Added a collider to the truck so you can't walk through it, instead you get an unexpected result.
  • Added additional elements that the user can push around. (You can now make a small mess of the island.)

Original Scene Creation (Version 1)

For my week 1 project I've created "Delta Island".

I decided I would play around with some of other features of unity and create a terrain, add some water, a light box and throw in some random stuff I found for free on the Asset store.

What is this island? No idea at this point...perhaps nothing....perhaps a launching point for other unity scenes....we'll see how the coming weeks play out.

A FPS controller has been included so you're able to explore the island.....just don't wade too far into the water!!!

Please explore my island and give me some feedback. (WASD to move, mouse to look)



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