Week 2

Week 2 - student project

Photo 5 - Wooden Gate

I realize this isn't a very creative subject for this week's project, i.e., a wooden gate, but it is pretty and textural and linear!

Week 2 - image 1 - student project

Photo 6 - Diagonal Branch

The whole branch is a diagonal line here.

Week 2 - image 2 - student project

Photo 7 - Kitty Stairs

This is a diagonal-ish line of cats or maybe a cat staircase. Sort of whimsical... :)

Week 2 - image 3 - student project

Photo 8 - Bricks

i liked the pattern of lines of mortar within the texture of the bricks.

Week 2 - image 4 - student project

Photo 9 - Yellow Leaf in Spring

This shot doesn't really represent the "lines" subject we are studying this week, but I liked the leaf and the shot so I included it. I guess you could say there are lines in the leaf, the stem, and in the green foliage too... But really I just liked the pretty leaf on the green background! :)

Week 2 - image 5 - student project

Photo 10 - Black and White Hose

i liked this subject because the way the hose was hanging from the corner sort of created diagonal lines. I actually initially started to shoot it strait on and it was just very flat and boring. When I went to the side I got not only a more interesting take on the hose, but the left side of the fence and vertical lines/slats and the corner with the weeds also. 

Week 2 - image 6 - student project


Photo #1a - Desert Windmill revised

I took two shots of this windmill; one in landscape (Photo #1a) that I barely even glanced at because I really thought the sky should equal the foreground -- at first, before i learned a little something.  After reading the comments - especially Frank's about cropping, I went back to the landscape one and I think it is the better shot. :)

Week 2 - image 7 - student project

Photo 1a - Desert Windmill landscape raw

Week 2 - image 8 - student project

Week 2 - image 9 - student project

Photo #1 - Desert Windmill

Week 2 - image 10 - student projectPhoto #2 - Marc and Dexter

Week 2 - image 11 - student project

Photo #3 - Looking at Exhibits

Week 2 - image 12 - student project

Photo #4 - Brad on a Bike

Thanks for taking the time to look look over my photos. Feedback is very much appreciated!


Gina Pollmann

Product Manager