Week 2 (was: A Walk in the Woods)

It's been difficult for me to find time to take the photos I"ve wanted to take (sick family, sick pets, etc.), but in the interest of not taking too long on this, I'll upload these three.

1. My daugher's pet rat hides out inside my daughter's coat while we wait for the vet to see her. I feel like the black and white conversion helps to highlight the various lines and shapes.

2.More diagonal lines.

3. I don't know if this counts as an abstract?

* * * * *

last week's assignment:

These are my photos for the first week's assignment. I'm sorry I'm a little late -- between sick kids and sick pets and cold weather, I didn't have much time to get out.

These are from a walk in the woods yesterday morning, just as the snow began to fall. I tried to pay attention to the rule of thirds, foreground/midground/background, and framing in all of them. Not all of them have framing, but I think I managed the rest.








8. (the only way to warm up after a walk in the woods)


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