Week 2: Line obsession

Week 2: Line obsession - student project

Week 2: Lines

I was in southeastern Kentucky for work and happened upon an abandoned railroad track that used to be the main supply line for coal from the nearby mines. Now a dwindling business in the area, many of the tracks are rusting over, remnants of times (and jobs) past. Needless to say, they are replete with lines, lines, lines everywhere! I may have gotten carried away with focusing on the lines and forgetting to have a clear subject, but here is what I came up with:

"Left alone"

Week 2: Line obsession - image 1 - student project


Week 2: Line obsession - image 2 - student project

"Rays of light in the forest"

Week 2: Line obsession - image 3 - student project

Week 1: re-post

Based on the feedback, here is "absorbed" cropped and with a few more edits:

Week 2: Line obsession - image 4 - student project


Week 1: Basic composition

Hi Frank and class members!

The project cover photo isn't from this weekend, but I thought it fit the bill in terms of the composition rules we learned. Plus, I just like it and, as a novice, I have a small repertoire from which to select!

The following photos were all taken this weekend, with great effort to apply what we learned in the first session!

"Anticipation"Week 2: Line obsession - image 5 - student project

"Making sweet"Week 2: Line obsession - image 6 - student project

This next photo was taken in very low light without a tripod, so it is severely lacking in clarity. In fact, I almost deleted it, but I like the overall composition.


Week 2: Line obsession - image 7 - student project

And, the last one was taken on my phone in a moving car...

"Taxi fly by"

Week 2: Line obsession - image 8 - student project