Week 2 | Better late than never. | Skillshare Projects



Week 2 | Better late than never.

The first two images (Shades) I took while lounging around my place. They struck me as particulary interesting and I think they fall into the composition goals for this week.

The next set of photos (Buildings) I was trying to recreate the work of Romain Jacquet-Lagreze a French graphic artist I recently came across. But I found it harder than I thought.

Stiil looking for anabstract photo I can take.

WEEK 1 - The Gehy Building in NYC. I was trying to use foreground, midground and background in the picture. I wish their where some clouds in the sky. Oh well.

 Again trying to use foreground and background while leading the eye towards the door.

Trying to lead the eye hear. My object was the theatre but I don't think I used the rule of thrids very well.

Playing around in the backyard. Thought this was interesting. Still working on rule of thirds.


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