Week 1: Intro to Composition | Skillshare Projects

Week 1: Intro to Composition

Tractor - This photo was taken about 4 miles from my house in Camarillo, California (about 45 minutes north of LA). It's a bit blown out, but I think it creates an interesting effect with the trees in the background. There is also a second tractor in the background and the vanishing point gives the photograph its depth. The rule of thirds is applied by the tractor in the forground, which is set to the right.

Crops - Another photograph from the farms by my house. The crops are in the foreground, tractor in the midground and the sky in the background.

Fireplace - I took this photo in a house (nay, mansion) in Como, Mississippi that was being renovated. The window and the mirror above the fireplace act as a frame within a frame.

Drummer - I love taking band photos. This one is particular is a good example of foreground/midground/background. The symbol is in the foreground, drummer in the midground and brick wall in the background.

Plastic Thing - I actually took this photo with my film SLR. I'm not sure what that plastic thing is, but I thought it looked interesting sitting on top of the flowers and pine needles. I placed the plastic thing up top and left of center per the rule of thirds. 


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