Week 1 - Goals & how to reach them, Plus My fitness plan

A couple of months ago I became a derby girl! The challenge is I'd never skated before, and I haven't been physically active for 3 years. I greew up doing sports, weight lifting, and working on the farm. I then went to college, dropped out, got married, and had a child. I LOVE my life & family don't get me wrong. I'm just not as active I as I had been & I miss it.

My goal is to reach a left of acivity that fits into my life.  Derby is filling that 2 nights a week. I like having a break once in a while so I've been taking 2 nights off a week. The other 3 days I have been working out with a friend to help her be consistant as well.

My goal with this group is to create a good routine for builind strength & endurance to make me a better derby player. And learn what nutrition I need to incorporate.

Fitness plan:

Sun: Yoga with Jairden

Mon: 2 hrs derby practice

Tues: Aerobics with Valerbee430

Wed: Aerobics with Valerbee430

Thurs: 2 hrs derby practice

Fri: Weight lift with Valerbee430



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