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Jamie P.

Director, Digital Development



Week 1 // CO & NY Observations

Gondola @ Vail

While cropping I was trying to get the mountain to take up 2/3 of the foreground and offset the gondola chair that's closer.

I didn't have a ton of room to work with because I shot this without any of the principles in mind last month but had I known, I would've given myself more room to crop it not as tight.

Santigold @ Vail

Chelsea Market Sign

I thought the building corner was an interesting edge and created a cool contrast in lighting. I couldn't quite figure out how to straighten this one because it felt like there were a lot of angles going on.

Bier Garten @ The Standard

I was initially just trying to get an interesting angle of the handpainted sign but when I went to edit it, I realized the bike in the photo was pretty interesting in this as well.

Grumpy's Cafe

I thought the color in this photo was interesting because brighter elements were to the left, just stone, wood and shrubs to the right. Again, had a little bit of a hard time straightening this one.

This one is my favorite.


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