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Weeds Are Flowers Too

My search for a quote started with a glass of wine and some music. Dr. Dog, then The Lumineers, and when nothing felt right I moved on to one of my favorite books and then searched through the works of some of my favorite poets. I realized that 10 words adds up quickly!

I finally settled with a quote from A. A. Milne: "Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them." 

This sounded like a quote that would be easily relatable and brought lots of imagery to my mind right away. I felt like I would be able to have fun with the words and that it also isn't a completely already overdone quote.

I figure that this quote would work perfectly if applied to a tote bag that somewhere like Barnes and Noble would sell. People who are knowledgeable of literature will associate with it and design/type lovers will also like it. 

So, my buzz words: 

  • Bright
  • Detail
  • Texture

I hope to bring a vintage look to this phrase and found a lot of promising inspiration with old seed packaging and flower illustrations, which led me to hand painted signage and nice inky-texturey type. 


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