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Wedding present sketch

Having loads of fun discovering ink drawing.

I decided to make a wedding present for a friend. Faces, arms and legs were all inked separately. I then compiled these in photoshop. Here's the finished drawing...

This is the colour version which I printed and framed.

This article, 'Missing in the Mediterranean', inspired my next drawing.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Around 5pm on the afternoon of October 11th, when it was 113km from Lampedusa and 218km from Malta, the boat capsized. The pregnant Palestinian woman was one of the first to drown. Lina watched her body sink slowly down into the deep. “I couldn’t reach her, I couldn’t get hold of her. I tried.” As people struggled frantically to find pieces of driftwood to cling to, parents did what they could to keep the children and babies afloat. Lina, who had had the forethought to give her whole family lifejackets, eventually found her sons. It was, she says, almost impossible to recognise anyone in the confusion. As more people drowned, a helicopter flew overhead and dropped two small rubber lifeboats. The father of a dead baby begged Molham to hold on to his corpse. He knew the child was dead, he said—“but I want to bury my son”.” 

Source The Economist. The full article is here

And here are the thumbnail ideas...

Quick timelapse sketch - my first entry for this project:

Really enjoyed this course. Yuko, your work is sublime :-)

Here's a quick timelaspe of the sketch


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