Wedding Weightloss

I am getting married in April 2014 and want to lose some weight before then.  I basically want to get my body fat percentage down to around the 20% mark (currently around 32%) and build some lean muscle mass.

I know I can build muscle but never seem to stick at it long enough, or a holiday etc comes along and ruins my plans.  I want to make life changes rather than just starting and stopping all the time.

Project Milestones:

  1. Stick to a calorie defecit
  2. Weight Train 2/3 times per week
  3. Get bodyfat below 30%
  4. Get bodyfat below 27.5%
  5. Get bodyfat below 25%
  6. Get bodyfat below 22.5%
  7. Get bodyfat below 20%

Update - 24/01/13

Well I have been managing to stick to a calorie defecit so far, not always what I aimed for (around 1400 calories per day) but always under my normal maintainance level.

I have not managed the gym 2/3 times per week as my muscles wouldnt let me.  First week my arms were hurting so much I couldnt straighten them, and then my back was sore after deadlifts.

I will soon be back into the swing of it as planning on going again this weekend as nearly 100% again.  Just shows how quickly your body forgets about weight training.

Update - 25/01/13

First weigh in today since I started...  Lost 2lbs :)  Body fat is down from 31.8 to 30.3, so close to my first target.  Feeling quite motivated and keen to keep losing the weight now.


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