Wedding Website

Wedding Website - student project

I quickly put together the orginal wedding website a couple of months ago using a Joomla template and now would like to rebuild the website cleanly using html5/css skills that I will learn from this class.

1.1 Code Challenge - I created the three pages, linked the pages together, and added a image to the index page.

1.2 Code Challenge - I updated the site with adding more pages, two forms, iframe map to the reception, and added table on the stay page. I am not sure if this is the best way to handle the data on the stay page. I had to search google on the best way to configure the table to what I am thinking.

2.1 Code Challenge - Added meta keywords and description to each page. Added video on home page. Added semantic elements on each page and added shim for old browsers.

2.2 Core Challenge - Added class, type, id, descendent, and psuedo-class selectors.

3.1 Core Challenge - I used the float positioning to create two columns. It took me awhile to get the hang of using floats.

3.2 Core Challenge - Added one fixed position style to add link to facebook, google+, and twitter.