Wedding Practice with Grocery Store Flowers

Loved this class! Very different from the spiral technique that I keep seeing. This was my first ever attempt at flower arranging, and I think it turned out pretty well, considering! My wedding isn't until next April, but I wanted to see if it was even in the realm of possibility for me to do my own. I think I spent just under $50 on flowers at the grocery store and just sort of made the vision work with what they had. For the actual day, I'm planning on getting flowers from an actual flower market in the city, which is also where I'll probably get future flowers when I get a little more confident, as I would have liked to have had one bigger bloom in the bottom right (peony? poppies? dahlia?), and a few other smaller/filler blooms to work with. The eucalyptus stem in the middle stands out more in the photo than it did in person, so I'd probably want to alter that in some way if I continued to fuss with it. Thoughts?



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