Wedding Map - The Road to Us

Wedding Map - The Road to Us - student project

In a nutshell, I'm hoping to design a simple but attractive map to guide guests to our wedding this summer in Salem, OR. Some will be coming from the region and others will be flying into Portland and driving the rest of the way. Besides the location of the ceremony/reception and hotels, I'd like the map to have other landmarks and suggested sites for people to visit, while not being too crowded in design. 

Instead of just providing a Google maps print-out, I wanted our map - which will be an insert with the invitations - to have a personalized, hand-crafted feel. (Without being too much like this couple that The Onion lampoons:,28924/)

I'm not yet sure if my drawing(s) will comprise the final design or if they'll serve as a prototype that I can bring to a custom invitation studio. Ultimately I'd like them to be printed in a style similar to the invitations themselves - possibly on Kraft paper cardstock. 

In terms of detail, I'm hoping the map can be fun while providing useful information. Of particular importance will be the wedding site and hotels where we have blocks of rooms reserved. For these I'll want to provide full addresses and contact info. For other items, such as landmarks and points of interest (parks, breweries, museums), I'm thinking I'll probably stick mostly to imagery and minimal titling. 

I'd love your feedback and suggestions for ways I could go about creating the map. I find looking at similarly-intended maps is really helpful. Here are a few that I like:

Here are some invitation styles I'm drawn to:

And for an idea of the feel of the wedding, here is our Pinterest board:


Wedding Map - The Road to Us - image 1 - student project

Here is the little sketch I made of our apartment for the first task.  The sketch was quite small, so it became difficult to add text with the ballpoint pen I was using. All in all, though, a nice way to get my creative juices going and explore communicating ideas about space and our relationship to it. (Teresa, my fiance, points out that the guitar is where I make magic...)

Wedding Map - The Road to Us - image 2 - student project

A quick sketch of a bigger map idea I've pondered including with the invitations - a map that prioritizes some of the geography of our lives (rather than the biggest cities in the region). I grew up in Metaline Falls and went to college in Moscow (hence those points); Teresa is from Salem and went to college in Eugene; we met in La Grande, OR; and of course the wedding will be in Salem. I drew this without looking at anything for reference. I'm a little embarassed by how the British Columbian coast turned out. I think Vancouver Island is finally breaking away and drifting out to sea...

Shaun Daniel

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