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Wedding Invite

Been meaning to share my project for some time! I believe it was almost a year ago when I signed up for the class and shared issues with ink not even flowing out of my nibs. Well, I've come a long way. So there's hope if you're having issues with even the early steps. 

The project is a wedding inviation for my wedding. Unfortunately I don't have scans of the alphabet, but there was A LOT of practice. Next came sketching out the overall structure of the layout. Afterwards, the calligraphy. I must have easily written the date at least 50 times until I found a version I liked. Really there wasn't a pefect one, but perhaps I was enjoying this a little, and taking out other stresses of planning a wedding.

I did have these printed with an offset printer, we used a white foil on the navy paper. Only took a few snap shots of the envelopes, which I hand addressed. 

Looking forward to the next project that might come from this new passion.







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