Wedding Invitations: Creating a unique identity

Class Description: 

This class will take you through the process of creating your very own wedding invitations. A memorable experience for yourself and your guests. Something that captures the essence of the event and the precious moments that will go along with it. Something that tells your story. 

Whether you are designing the invitations for your own wedding, for a friend, family, or a client, you are sure to learn something new and gather inspiration towards other design projects as well. 

Class Project:

Create your own unique wedding invitation.


Your assignment is to create a double-sided wedding invitation card. My process will inspire you to uncover and build on your own personal stories. The project will also help you learn about:

  • Story-telling
  • Type, Colour & Pattern
  • Print techniques
  • Cohesive design thinking


  • Double-sided wedding invitation
  • Envelope seal/monogram design (optional)

To enhance the learning experience, it would be great to see your full process in the project gallery, from story inspiration to design explorations. 


— TBD —

Class outline: click here


Students of all levels are welcome to experiment and submit projects. A working knowledge of Illustrator and Indesign will be helpful, but is not required.


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