Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift - student project

I have 4 ideas (so far) that are tugging at my heart.  Each one of them has a viable connection to my life, and each one would make a stellar map project.

When I consider my 4 concepts, I realize that the same thread of motivation lies behind them all: I don't want to forget.

So, I Map So I Remember.

Nostalgia in hand, each of these map concepts is written here because I want to remember the people, places, and events in my life at a specific time.  Please feel free to cast your vote on what you think is the best idea, or give me some comments and suggestions on how to make one of my visions a reality!

Notion #1: My family is spread throughout the Midwest and West Coast of the United States.  I could make a map using the outlines of the states that we all currently live in.

Notion #2: Map of Love: my brother and his fiancee are getting married this summer, and I would love to make a map of all of their special places that serve as milestones thus far in their relationship.

Notion #3: Agua Viva.  I volunteer at an orphanage in Guatemala, and I could make a map of the orphanage and the mountaintop where I stay with the children.

Notion #4: My current hometown is Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.  It is a lesser known town from the Midwest, and I would love to highlight all of the "hotspots" that people may not know about.

So, I decided to choose #2 (thanks Marty!) and here is my first hand drawn map:

Wedding Gift - image 1 - student project

Now, I'm pondering these thoughts:


Different color dashes for David & Julia?

Logos for high schools instead of names?

Keep the background grid lines? (symbolic of "standard" path in life)

Spacing and Size of heart in the middle

Do I need the wedding date written down?

Graduation hats-ho do I make it obvious they're graduating?

Do I need "1st grade teacher"?

Key or no key? Compass or no compass?

Do my initials in the bottom right corner distract from the map? (MW)

So, here is my first attempt at Illustrator CS6-I'm pretty proud of myself if I do say! ( All of the school/business logos came from their websites)  I'm not sure where those triangles came from-lol.  

So, any feedback would be awesome-do you like the background color?  I'm certainly open to any and all suggestions, since I am NOT a designer.  Thanks!

Wedding Gift - image 2 - student project

Thanks to some more inspiration, I have changed a few colors and added a few more details.  The shapes between the first date and the proposal are places they have traveled.  

Wedding Gift - image 3 - student project

Wedding Gift - image 4 - student project

This is an updated version, mainly the path colors were changed so that when the two primary paths were combined they created a secondary color path.  I'm more partial to the original path colors, but I would welcome any feedback!

Melanie Walter