Wedding Card

Wedding Card - student project

I love creating personalized cards, and this class gave me the opportunity to mix a quote with an image that could be framed in the future and used as a decoration.

I knew I wanted soft, deep, muted tones for the card to make the text pop on the front of the cover. The below image I found on google, and thought it would work beautifully, even though it was the wrong tone.

Wedding Card - image 1 - student project

This image I found in my searches, and used it as tonal inspiration to create the end product.

Wedding Card - image 2 - student project

Here is the final card. I created the text and border separately in Illustrator and dropped them in to Photoshop as smart objects. I used colour over and a drop shadow on both smart objects, to create a little more depth in the image. For the border, I began with a mask to create the illusion that the box was interacting with the flowers in the background. I created a layer over top of the border and pressed command + shift to select the active space on the layer. In the new layer I proceeded to add shadows on the border (I sampled from a dark area in the image, and adjusted the colour in the dialogue box), to try and solidify the border as actually being part of the image, and not something that was place on top.

Wedding Card - image 3 - student project

Thanks for the class! :)

Bianca Bennett
Photography & Graphic Design