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Esther Ní Dhonnacha

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Wedding Card

For this project I decided to make a wedding card. The original photo shows my friend Zoe holding a glass of champagne at a wedding where she was a bridesmaid. I did some tweaks in Lightroom first of all to give a bit of a retro feel:

Next I did the cutting out, which was the hardest part. The contours of Zoe's hand took ages to get right, as did her dress, which was lacy and photographed slightly out of focus, so the outline was hazy. Once I made the mask, I spent some time editing the edge with a very small brush so it wouldn't look too jarring against the solid background.

Finally I did the text. I was going for a classic feel so used a retro font for 'time to', and a fancier one for 'celebrate'. The colour for 'time to' was pulled from a shadowed area on Zoe's dress, and for 'celebrate' I used a darker area from the underside of her hand. If I was printing this I would love to use a silver ink instead but obviously that wasn't an option here!

(After uploading, the colours here are a little off -- there's a bit of a greenish cast which isn't supposed to be here! Is there anything I can do about it?)


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